downloadOk …. Things have started really well. First week and we have taught Colin how to use a computer, and to commence what must be a tough call and write his story….top bloke.

We have had 1000’s of hits on the Blog from countries all over the world as well as the first 27 people donating a total of over £1600 …but this is only the beginning ! We would need to average over £200 per day to stay on target.

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far please spread the word and if you can spare a bit more along the way please return and donate again, it is really appreciated, however, we also need ….
Corporate Sponsorship.

So we need any company that may may be able to help, if they need more info or help in putting together an approach please get in contact…we can help.

Also we have other initiatives commencing:

  • Coinstar jars with the Headcase stickers on. Send your kids to school with them, or put one by the front door and put all your change in it. when it is full go down to your local collection centre, usually a super store and just tip it all in.
  • We have a group from QE2 doing the three peaks and have decided to donate all funds to Headcase, all good stuff.
  • We want to raise awareness at varios corporate events and if you think you’d like to choose Headcase as a charity to support at an event, quiz, run, bake-off, cycle, walk, swim whatever then let us know.

So please any ideas how ever off the wall please contact us and we will help….time is ticking and it’s a great cause…..thanks Tony