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Shelly & CharlieI sometimes struggle to find the right moment to tell you everything that I want to say without breaking down, so now is the perfect opportunity, as I know you’ll be reading this.

So here it is Dad (AKA Clark Griswold). I class myself as a number 1 daddy’s girl not many daughters can say that at 30 they can sit and chat to their Dad whilst he is in the bath and she is having a wee but it is something we do. Ok so we don’t make eye contact and you don’t really get choice when I just march in! You are not just my Dad though, you are my mate and I come to you with problems, gossip and to have a good old bitch (that’s what we’re best at). I also think that we are the funniest people on the planet, I know Mum tries but like we always tell her “you’re only married into the funniness” it’s in our genes.

You told me that no one can take away my memories and that I don’t need material things to remind me of you “you’ll say anything to get out of buying me something” I have the most fantastic memories of us Smiths to last me a life time. I am so grateful to you and Mum for being such an inspiration, for staying together through thick and thin. What you have given to us kids is something that I hope to be able to give my girls, stability, security and all the love they need no matter what age they are.

I have so much to thank you for, if it wasn’t for you and Mum supporting me and Michael through the loss of our baby twins on 2009, taking us in and keeping us strong and together we may well have not had the future that we do now with our two beautiful girls, who absolutely adore their Nanny and Grandee.

I sometimes wish that we could go back to being a young family again, blissfully unaware of what future we have, but this is life, and what we have been through together has taught us to be stronger and tighter than ever. As Charlie said in her post no words can describe the pain that we are feeling and what we felt when we found out in August, we just hope and pray that they can find a cure for this horrible disease so that no family has to go through what we are going through now. That is why what Tony and Dan Russell are doing is such an amazing thing for a fantastic cause. So please, please keep on donating and thank you once again to everybody that has helped so far – your generosity really does touch us.

Shelley Smith