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Here is our 200th Blog Post.

So here we sit just under eight weeks to go before we take on Mallorca. The training appears to be going well, but someone has to tell Peter that the event commences with a swim…….so a bit of water time is required…

The good news is that with Gift Aid we are now over the 40k mark which is just sensational…thanks to everyone who has helped achieve this, but you know what’s coming….we need to keep going.

It perhaps is worthwhile just reiterating what the money has been used for, the key fact that every penny contributed goes directly to the charity, not one penny is spent on anything else in terms of expenses or other costs.

So where has your money gone…..well we are helping to fund a two year patient trial which is being run as a joint effort between the University of Portsmouth and the University of Bergen in Norway/ This is using a drug that has been found to help increase the survival rate of the patient from the 14 months average to in some cases 10 years…what would Colin have done for that extra time…..seen Chelsea reach the quarter final of the Champions League the other night for starters !


AND THAT IS WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT……giving hope and finding the cure…..I have no doubt that we are on the way to that great day and having been a part in this is a great feeling, as I said before a promise to Colin was to keep finding ways of raising funds to help achieve this.

So having raided your banks and savings last year I want you to consider doing it again,


I appreciate we all get many request for this kind of thing but I am NOT going to stop and therefore would ask you to consider re-visiting our Just Giving site http://www.justgiving.com/tonyanddanironmanand donating whatever feels right, it would be hugely appreciated by all.

In addition any ideas of ways we can achieve extra donations will be gratefully received…THANKS for taking time to read this.