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Charlie 3Colin’s story has had an overwhelming number of messages, it is difficult for people to keep up with them. However picking this one out to blog was an obvious. It tells you exactly what is needed – donations, but also the heartfelt words of Charlie, Colin and Helen’s youngest Daughter.

“I can not put into words how much you mean to me, I can not put into words what an amazing, Dad and Granddad you are and how much I love you!, I am so so so proud of you Dad. With out your funny(/sick) sense of humour, great spirit and determination I’m sure we would have all given up hope! You are doing such an amazing thing and given us all hope that there can be a cure with a little help from everyone to raise money for the research needed to find a cure! Please, please everyone donate something big or little (as every penny helps) by clicking on the ‘sponsor me tab’ at the top of the right hand page!!!!! Dad I love you and I will do everything I can to raise money for the charity and thank you so much for those who have already donated !